About Simon

simon02-266x300Since the publication of his first book in 1997, Simon Fruelund has been one of Denmark’s most delightfully entertaining writers. He possesses a rare gift for creative reinvention. From his early realist-inspired stories (“Tide,” “What is It?” and “Hair”) to his later “pointillist” work (“Man on the Bus,” “Civil Twilight”), Fruelund finds new ways to express and shape his ever-developing artistic vision. He is the author of five books, among them Mælk (1997) Panamericana (2012), and Pendlerne (The Commuters). His work has been translated into Italian, Swedish, and English, and his short stories have appeared in a number of magazines across the U.S, including World Literature Today, Redivider, and Absinthe.

For nine years Fruelund worked as an editor at Denmark’s largest publishing house, Gyldendal, but is now writing full time.

Praise for Simon Fruelund

Simon Fruelund has a uniquely spooky view of human folly. His vivisection of suburban life in Civil Twilight is by turns funny, moving, and surpassingly strange. There is little civility here, but plenty of twilight.

Nathaniel Rich, author of The Mayor’s Tongue and Odds Against Tomorrow

These 14 stories from Danish author Fruelund are a kaleidoscope of fleeting moments from ordinary lives, rendered profound by what we cannot see just beyond the frame…. This consistently beautiful book has a quietness that recalls the stark Danish countryside, the stories’ primary setting.

Publishers Weekly

“Fruelund is a master of the short form, importing some designs from our own Raymond Carver, applying them to the interstices of the European everyday, and making them his own.”

—Alan Cheuse, author of To Catch the Lightning and The Fires

“Short but great, these disturbing stories from everyday life stayed with me long after I read them.”

—Rikke Viemose, editor, Litteraturnyt fra USA

It [Civil Twilight] is a simple idea…but it requires an accomplished artistry for it to be successful with the necessary agility and musicality and naturalness. And it works for Fruelund…absolutely impressive.

—Lars Bukdahl

It is not easy to put a label on Fruelund’s novel. Or that would be: Really good!

—Berlingske Tidende

A small novel with an utterly unique voice.
-Kristeligt Dagblad

Fruelund is something rare: an elegant storyteller with rich material.
—Ekstra Bladet.

In Civil Twilight, Simon Fruelund takes as his subject nothing less than the nature of how we live together. The unnamed residents in this remote Copenhagen suburb pass each other in the street, watch each other through the windows. Their stories spin around in elegant, kaleidoscopic chapters from which beautiful patterns emerge. The devil lurks in Fruelund’s perfectly placed details. It all feels so real. Civil Twilight is a remarkable book that’s not read as much as lived in.

—Andrew Ervin, author of Extraordinary Renditions

With Fruelund you get what’s necessary. Neither more nor less. -Det Fri Aktuelt

An assured writer with indisputable potential.

A sterling work.

Bursting with talent.

In appearance it’s a little book, but it’s big on the inside.
—Thomas Bredsdorff